5-reel Slot Malaysia VS 3-reel Slots 1


In the following article I’ll go on telling about the differences of 5-reel and 3-reel Slot Malaysia.

If you take a look at the pay table on 5-reel and 3-reel Slots you’ll see a crucial difference. Basically, there are more winning combinations at 5-reel Slots, than at 3-reel Slots. For example, some combinations become winning with 3-5 symbols and in some cases even 2.

It should be noted that you’ll be more likely to hit smaller payouts rather than big ones. Thus what you get from a 5-reel slot machines for sure is a regular hit frequency but for lower winnings. And of course there’s a part of luck.

When playing 5-reel slots you usually get a chance to play more than one pay line. Of course the number is different at each machine, but in general you will face from 5 to 20 pay lines. It’s advised to play as more pay lines as possible at a time. It’s not always a good idea to play a maximum bet, though.

Let’s suppose you decided to play at a 5 cent slot machine. The maximum bet here will be 5 cents. If you give the matter some consideration, you’ll come to the conclusion that a maximum bet at such machine will be 5 dollars for each spin. Pretty tough for a 5-cent Slot machines, isn’t it? I’ll recommend you to stay away of maximum bets. But sometimes progressive slot machines require larger bets in order to hit a Jackpot.

5-reel Slots VS 3-reel Slots 1

It was not long ago that most Togel casinos worldwide switched to 5-reel slot machines. When one thinks of Slots he associates the game with 5-reel variant of Slots. Some attractive bonus features at 5-reel Slots are not even presented at 3-reel Slots, that why players prefer 5-reel Slots to 3-reel ones. Some countries just removed a 3-reel game from the list of casino games.

While browsing the Internet, you’ll come across with both 3-reel and 5-reel slot games. In comparison with 3-reel Slots 5-reel slots have extra bonuses that usually help players to win more, like giving them a chance to win more. What is the main difference between 3-reel and 5 reel Slots? Is it good to bet maximum on a bigger number of reels?

It’s a paradox, but a great many players refuse to play 5-reel Slots even though there are the bonuses. There is a common idea that it’s easier to win with fewer reels, which is not right. Since the Random Number Generator was introduced to Slots, this theory does not work anymore.

According to the well know fact, an average payout at 3-reel slots is 95 percent, which is the same with 5-reel slot game. That means that you’ll have the same return either from the first variant of Slot or from the second one.

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