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We’re nearing the end of the month, which means that Bodog will soon crown the leaderboard winner for April. For information on what both the monthly and weekly winners win for being on top of the Bodog leaderboard, please click here.  Another week has gone by since I last wrote – let’s see how the standings look.


Actually, before I get started with this week’s standings, let me tell you who won last week’s weekly leaderboard. When we left off, bigboat21 was in first place, almost 300 points ahead of second place Mr__Blonde. result hk kept his lead for one more day, but alienface passed him the day after. alienface could not keep the top spot for long either, and after an impressive day that saw Mr__Blonde earn a whopping 500 points, Mr__Blonde took over first place. By then it was the end of the week, and Mr__Blonde was the weekly Bodog leaderboard winner, earning the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000.


Mr__Blonde’s great week wasn’t enough to place him in the top ten on the monthly leaderboard, however. In fact, he’s currently only 42nd in April’s contest so far. Here’s who is in the top ten:


  1. bigboat21 4303 pts
  2. UFPokerStar 4192 pts
  3. TheHesse 4112 pts
  4. alienface 3975 pts
  5. Dannenmann 3504 pts
  6. andyvanslyke 3466 pts
  7. MOGREEN54 3448 pts
  8. daisyxoxo 3446 pts
  9. vinnyb9 3444 pts
  10. thatsNice 3287 pts


bigboat21 and UFPokerStar have traded spots from last week and are sitting in 1st and 2nd place respectively. alienface was 3rd last week but has dropped to 4th spot this week. TheHesse took alienface’s spot in 3rd place, jumping an impressive 10 spots from last week’s standings! Another impressive rise to the top was from this week’s 5th place finisher, Dannenmann. Last week he was all the way down in 17th place.


andyvanslyke rose one spot from last week, sitting at 6th place this week. MOGREEN54 rose two spots, daisyxoxo fell 4 spots, and vinnyb9 is up one spot from last week in 9th place. Rounding out the top ten is thatsNice, who dropped from last week’s 5th to this week’s 10th.


There’s less than a week left in April – will bigboat21 keep the lead, will UFPokerStar steal it back, or will someone new step up to first place? We’ll know in a few days!


Let’s see what’s happening in this week’s weekly standings:


  1. andyvanslyke 1256 pts
  2. TheHesse 1153 pts
  3. Dannenmann 1102 pts
  4. alienface 925 pts
  5. cowboyss69 803 pts
  6. Sweet Cakes 800 pts
  7. Amills2186 791 pts
  8. ZUK 772 pts
  9. FLUSH634 769 pts
  10. graytambar 758 pts


andyvanslyke is leading the pack so far, but he’s only 100 points ahead of 2nd place TheHesse. TheHesse’s appearance near the top of the weekly leaderboard explains his impressive monthly leaderboard jump! The same can be said for Dannenmann – he’s in third place for the week and, as previously mentioned, is also having an impressive climb up the monthly standings. Visit the Bodog network page for daily updates on the weekly board if you are interested: andyvanslyke may be at the top now, but Mr__Blonde’s last minute win last week showed that you can never say you’ve won until the week is over.


To see where I got the data for this article, please click this link and scroll down to the leaderboard information. As always, thanks for reading and be sure to come back next Friday to find out who ended up winning Bodog’s leaderboard for April!




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