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Fullers Earth clay mask is a unique, 100% natural clay product. This particular clay has exceptional oil-absorbing properties, making it an ideal facial treatment for oily skin. Skin that is prone to blemishes and acne will also benefit. Fuller’s Earth clay has a slight lightening effect on skin, which many seek.

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Fullers Earth Clay – An Interesting History

The clay is a product of the earth. It is mined from quarries that are largely located in the United States and Japan. The cosmetic grade clay is commonly used as the foundation of an effective clay facial mask.

This unique substance has been used for centuries to absorb oil… but not just facial oil. In fact, the clay was originally named for the ancient English textile workers that discovered a unique use for the clay.

Fuller was the name given to workers of cloth that labored in England. To make their job easier, these resourceful workers discovered that Fuller’s Earth clay would extract lanolin, oil, and grease from freshly woven wool.

Years later, in the United States, the distinct clay became the foundation of a popular – yet somewhat unusual – product called Minipoo. Minipoo, touted as an alternative to wet hair washing, debuted in the 1940’s. An integral ingredient of this somewhat strange product was Fuller’s Earth clay.Fuller’s Earth Clay Mask

Strange as it may seem today, Minipoo was a dry, powder product used as a substitute for a regular shampoo. The 1940’s Minipoo vintage ad claimed to:

“Whisk away grime, oil, and hair odor in 10 minutes… no soap… no rinsing… no drying.”

Fortunately, shampoo products have come a long way since the 1940’s!

Kitty Litter?

Back to the 21st century and additional uses of Fuller’s Earth… next on the list is kitty litter. Yes, you read that correctly… the clay is regularly found in litter due to its superb absorption qualities.

Even owners of more unusual pets, such as chinchillas and degus (rodents), are well acquainted with this product. Somewhat similar to a dry shampoo, owners allow their little critters to bask in a Fuller’s Earth clay dust bath.

And it doesn’t stop with pet owners. Auto mechanics use this clay to soak up oil spills in the garage.

But don’t let outdated shampoo, kitty litter, chinchilla bathing, and oil mechanics scare you away from this natural clay mask! Such varied uses only demonstrate the excellent oil absorbing effectiveness of this versatile product.

Most likely you’re not interested in pet care, auto grease, or ancient dry shampoo. But if your skin is oily or blemished, you will benefit from Fullers Earth clay mask.

Is This the Mud Face Mask for You?

Many rate Fuller’s Earth clay as the best clay facial mask for oily skin. It effectively absorbs skin impurities in addition to excess oil… and excels at deep cleaning oily, acne-prone skin. But if your skin is sensitive, French green clay is a better choice. A French green clay mask also works well on problem skin.

Is Fuller’s Earth Clay Safe for Skin?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s considered gentle enough to powder a baby’s bottom.

Not all Fuller’s Earth clay is equal, however. The ideal product for skin is cosmetic grade clay that includes a specific combination of montmorillonite and bentonite. As opposed to that sold for industrial use, the cosmetic grade is a blend of these specific clays in proportions ideally suited for skin care.

You can buy Fullers Earth that is a high quality, cosmetic grade at Mountain Rose Herbs. They are one of the few Fullers Earth suppliers that offer a skin grade product.


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