How to prevent sunburn?

Sunburn is due to the skin by UV damage, secrete a large number of melanoma, the melanoma was not normal metabolism and caused the fall. Sunburn will only appear on the face, often exposed to the sun’s arm and the back will be such a spot. The young president of the skin may not sunburn, even though there are some minor spot, with the rapid metabolism will gradually disappear. However, after the 30-year-old skin, due to slow metabolism, and their secretion of a melanoma, if frequent contact with the sun or exposure, it is easy to generate stain, and may become permanent. You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here

In order to prevent sunburn, of any age should pay attention to sun, so that to avoid skin damage by ultraviolet light. UVA ultraviolet light on skin damage can be cumulative, and not to eliminate. Ignore the sun, generating not only stain, but also may increase the risk of skin cancer.

Sun protection is the best anti-aging steps

In fact, you do not need to spend huge money to remove wrinkle, good sun protection is equivalent to do a good job in anti-aging of the work. Although many people know that sun protection can prevent skin cancer, but not many people know that the barrier would prevent solar radiation caused by solar radiation photoageing. Solar radiation can damage the collagen in the skin surface, and if the destruction of collagen, it can not allow the skin to maintain moisture, moisture adequate, there is no appearance of wrinkles.

Do a good sunscreen, but also to prevent stains and other issues. Rough skin, chapped solar radiation is also a prank. Therefore, the skin experts suggest that daily use of SPF value of 15 or more sunscreen product. If you need to work outdoors, then each 1,2 hours should fill sunscreen.

Before make-up, it should apply sunscreen. On top of that, can be coated with sunscreen contains foundation make-up. This will provide additional protection for the skin.

Election on the make-up tools

If more money, of course, you can buy those used by supermodel senior cosmetics. But if you do not have the correct tools to use them, then no doubt is a waste of the talents of these cosmetics. Make-up tools used for cosmetics to play its biggest feature is very important. For a professional makeup artist, the makeup and cosmetic tools are equally important.

Therefore, what is “on the make-up appliances,” then? The brush, the brush of hair must be soft, but will certainly be able to have a certain degree of adhesion, so that a good cosmetic installed on the ground. If you are on makeup before the powder eye shadow from the brush off, then this is a poor quality of the brush.

If you do not know how to choose, then buy some brands of high-end products may be more good option. These products are professionally designed to switch products and a very good match.



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