The 2008 World Series of sanghoki Signature Tunes


Several years ago, G-Rob began taking every three syllable phrase he could and using it as the opening chorus to Seals and Croft’s “Summer Breeze.” It is, in his estimation, an ear worm that cannot be killed.

Early in the 2008 sanghoki Main Event, I began using this old trick to at perfectly random times around the Rio (parking garages, quiet moments in the press box, in the men’s room) to belt out, “Jerry Yang, makes me feel fine…!”

As mentioned in Questions in Las Vegas, my team of poker writers at the World Series of Poker passed the idle time making some lists. Among the most fun was creating signature tunes for 27 players who started Day 7.

If you are a frequent reader of live poker coverage, you know that the writers are often forced to try to come up with interesting headlines for rather uninteresting content. Some writers consider it a challenge to be as punny as possiible. While I try not to be one of those guys, I certainly have some empathy for people who have to write 200 headlines per day.

A few of these are gold, some are complete stretches, and some still make no sense to me at all. I think I only contributed two or three to the entire list, and have to give most credit/blame to my partners Howard and Stephen. However, if either for your inspiration or just a reminder of the laughs we got out of the list, I’ve reproduced it here. I’d invite any of you do add to it at your leisure.

2008 WSOP Signature Tunes

Peter Eastgate–“Eastgate yes, I say no, you say why and I say I don’t know…”

Kelly Kim–“Kim as you are”

Nicholas Sliwinski–“Please Sliwinski let me go…”

Joe Bishop–“When you Bishop on a star”

Brandon Cantu–“Put your Brandon your heart and tell me, it’s all over….”

Albert Kim–“Kim bah yah, my lord, Kim bah yah.”

Jason Riesenberg–“Love me for a Reisenberg, let the Reisenberg love.”

Dean Hamrick–“Stop! Hamrick time!”

Niklas Flisberg–“Flis like a Berg”

Dennis Phillips–“Dennis Dennis”

Tiffany Michelle–“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

David Rheem–“Rheem around the fountain”

Paul Snead and Ivan Demidov–“You can’t always get Demidov, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get Paul Snead.”

Scott Montgomery–“Scott! In the name of love…”

Ylon Schwartz–“Ylon and winding road” or “Ylon Las Vegas!”

Aaron Gordon–“Aaron a G-string”

Michael Carroll–“Sweet Caroll-ine”

Craig Marquis–“It’s me, it’s Marquis, I’ve come home….”

Gert Andersen–“Everybody Gerts”

Chris Klodnicki–“Darling Klodnicki” by Prince

Judet Toni Cristian–“It’s a new dawn, it’s a Judet… And I’m feeling blue”

Darus Suharto–“A total eclipse of Suharto”

Owen Crowe–“Crowe Crowe Crowe your boat, gently down the stream…”

Anthony Scherer–“Scherer Prudence”

Tim Loecke–“Tim Loecke the boat, Loecke the boat, baby”

Phi Nguyen–“Come Phi with me!” or “Phi me to the moon”

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