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Notice I said “majority” of products? There are some chemical free, anti aging skin care products out there with the formulas and necessary levels of leading key actives to truly help with firming up your skin and structurally reducing fine lines and blemishes. If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

It’s also true however that you must be a realist in accepting that there are limitations to what even the most effective products can do by themselves. The reality is you need more than just a ‘one track’ topical skincare approach in your anti aging efforts. A comprehensive, three part, ‘inside-out’ anti aging skin care system is what you need to produce the most effective results.

Naturally, you want to know which anti aging skin care treatments will work the best. That will require you to understand what causes your skin to age. So, let’s get straight to it. There are 3 fundamental causes of skin aging and any anti aging skin care treatments whose formula does not contain ingredients which address ALL THREE (for starters) is not worth your attention and definitely not worth your money.

  1. The actions of free radicals
  2. Reducing levels of hyaluronic acid
  3. Loss of collagen and elastin

These are the culprits that cause your wrinkles, blemishes, saggy dull skin, and all the other superficial signs of aging! The key to understand here is that these three causes are interrelated and unless you address all of them at the same time you will not be successful with your anti aging program. That’s why an effective anti aging skin care cream MUST have an ingredient base which can tackle all three!

In this article I will address the first cause in the list above – Free Radicals. No doubt you’ve heard the term “free radicals”! Understanding and combating the action of free radicals is a vital step in avoiding premature aging, premature death from major degenerative disease and for maintaining healthy, clear and firm skin as you age.

Despite the fact that they age us, free radicals are natural and play an essential role in a healthy human body ! If you’ve every cut open an apple and left it exposed to the air then you’ve seen free radicals at work. They attack the apple and the skinless parts quickly turn brown as they decompose. This is a process called oxidation – the very same process that’s going on inside you with every breath you take.

Free radicals are a class of molecules in your body. Unfortunately, as far as aging is concerned, they are unstable. So, your body makes an effort to balance the problem. To do this, the unstable molecule swipes a part (an electron) from a neighboring stable molecule and so becomes stable. But in a catch 22 situation the healthy molecule which lost an electron now in turn becomes a free radical. Free Radicals can attack DNA, leading to dysfunction, mutation, cancer and create the conditions for the onset of debilitating degenerative diseases including heart disease.

Since many chemical reactions in your body inevitably produce free radicals, their production is continuous and inescapable. They’re not only inside you but outside as well. Twenty first century living means your health is impacted by environmental and dietary toxins and stressors every single day. Free radicals are one such example!

Now, let’s look at the impact of free radicals on your skin. If you’re well read you will no doubt be aware of the critical importance of maintaining high levels of HEALTHY collagen in your skin. But free-radical attacks on your collagen cause cross-linking of protein molecules which leads to stiffness in your tissue. As a result your skin begins to lose it’s suppleness and tautness. Since collagen stays in your skin for many years these free radical attacks continue and the damage is cumulative- it builds up, up, up and your skin deteriorates and ages more, more, more!

Since we can’t stop free radicals completely, that leaves us with the option of managing their numbers so as to reduce the destructive impact from oxidative stress on your health. That’s where anti-oxidants come in. We all know that anti-oxidants are the good guys because they ‘give up’ a spare electron to the free radical thereby eliminating it! So, it seems obvious then that we need to take lots of antioxidants into our bodies!

But anti-oxidants are not all equal. Some are really powerful while others are far weaker. And it’s important to understand that there are different types of free radicals in different parts of your body which can only be neutralized by different antioxidants. So, it makes sense to take in a wide range of antioxidants so you have the dynamic synergistic effects of a large network of antioxidants working throughout your body.

To be significantly more successful with your anti aging efforts you should make sure to prioritize the most powerful antioxidants into your daily nutritional intake. So, which are which? The well known vitamin antioxidants, like Vitamin C and A, are fairly weak (and cheap). Vitamin E is a well established exception – it’s a potent antioxidant and crucial to skin health. There are numerous antioxidants but the following 8 have been established as the MOST POWERFUL:



Grape Seed

Green Tea

Gingko Biloba

Alpha Lipoic Acid



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